Netflix Gives ‘The Dragon Prince’ a First-Look Trailer

Welcome to the land of Xadia

the dragon princenetflix

Netflix released a new trailer for “The Dragon Prince,” an animated film launching in just a few days. Fans of the magical worlds and animation can watch the first-look trailer below, thanks to a late Saturday upload from Netflix.

The story takes place in the land of Xadia, where magic comes from six primal sources: the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Sky, the Earth and the Ocean. When human mages create a seventh kind of magic, called Dark Magic, they begin capturing and harvesting the unique magical creatures they need as ingredients. This sparks a catastrophic war between Xadia and the Human Kingdoms. Not soon after these events, three kids from opposite sides of the conflict — two human princes, and the elven assassin who was sent to kill them — discover a secret that could change everything. The trio decide to join forces and go on an epic journey that may be their only hope of ending the war, and restoring peace to both their worlds.

You can catch “The Dragon Prince” on Netflix on September 14th.

If you’re a fan of animation, Netflix announced a wide-array of anime hits coming to the service at the Anime Expo earlier this year. One of the larger projects that Netflix announced was “Ultraman,” an action-drama centered around a man possessing the spirit and DNA of the legendary hero “Ultraman”. There’s also “Dragon Pilot,” which follows Air Self-Defence Force rookie Hisone Amakasu after being chosen by a dragon concealed within an air-base to be his pilot. “Cannon Busters” is currently scheduled to launch on April 1, 2019. The show follows the adventures of S.A.M, a high-end friendship droid who’s joined by a quirky, discarded maintenance robot and a brash, deadly fugitive. There’s also “Kengan Ashura,” the story follows Kazuo Yamashita, an ordinary fifty-six year old man who one day is summoned by the chairman of his company and hired as a gladiator.

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