‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Photo Mode Would Make J. Jonah Jameson Proud

Get me pictures of Spider-Man!

spider-man ps4 trailerinsominiac games

Insomniac Games’ upcoming “Marvel’s Spider-Man” title is one of the most highly-anticipated games to release in September and the devs are still announcing new features and details for it. The game has been a best-seller on Amazon for months now and with just a few more days before the big release, Insominiac Games have just teased the new Photo Mode releasing with the game on day one.

Not only can you stop the game mid-action to have Spider-Man take a selfie, you can add filters and effects to make it perfect. These effects not only include multiple adjustments to the field of view and color, but you can add stickers and a ton of comic-book style effects to the picture as well. With just a few adjustments, you can have a picture that is perfect for the front-page of the Daily Bugle.

Photo Modes are extremely popular in games, both with publishers and players. Publishers have used the photo-modes in games like “Final Fantasy XIV” and “God of War” to create promotions and contests for players to win, having players share their best pics with the community for a chance to win prizes. The pics end up on social-media and sites like Reddit, which is great exposure for the game, and players can express their love of the franchise or characters with their fellow players. You can easily share these pictures through the PS4 Share function, creating memories of your favorite moments that last a lifetime on the web.

As for Spider-Man, Peter Parker has always been a bit of a shutterbug anyway, so the photo-mode is a perfect fit. Insomniac Games put together a featured video of the function for fans and you can watch that trailer below.

The game itself is set to launch on the PS4 on September 7th but you do get a lot of goodies if you pre-order. Getting the game early on Amazon gives you a spidey suit pack, a spider-drone gadget, a PSN avatar and theme, and 5 extra skill points to use. You can find the pre-order bonuses for “Marvel’s Spider-Man” here on Amazon.