Square Enix is celebrating a new “Final Fantasy XIV” milestone this week, with new events planned for fans of the game and the franchise. The publisher announced today that the global community for “Final Fantasy XIV” has encouraged more than 14 million registered Warriors of Light to play the game, just as the game nears its fifth anniversary. Square Enix stated that four million new adventurers have journeyed to Eorzea in the past year alone.

Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida shared a special message for fans regarding the milestone, talking about the game’s initial failed launch and the community that welcomed the MMORPG back with welcomed arms.

“Although the original ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ is still going strong and players have a lot to look forward to failed to meet expectations, through the support of people in the media, the companies we have worked with, and of course our dedicated players, we were able to launch A Realm Reborn in 2013” Yoshida told fans. “FFXIV was indeed reborn, and over the course of these past five years, it has grown to become the title that we all know and love today. I cannot thank you enough.”

Yoshida also commented on the upcoming events the team has planned, “There are many new gaming experiences and epic tales that we wish to share with you all. We will be working harder than ever to expand the world of FFXIV, where players form lasting bonds with one another through their adventures.”

To mark the occasion and the fifth anniversary, Yoshida will host a special 14-hour livestream full of guests reflecting on the journey so far. Kicking off on August 31 at 8:00 P.M. PST, the show will feature appearances from some of the game’s voice actors, developers discussing a variety of topics, and the final results for the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Favorite Music Poll.

As part of the livestream, the latest Letter from the Producer LIVE will reveal more about the upcoming Patch 4.4: Prelude in Violet. Additionally, Capcom’s Ryozo Tsujimoto will also join Yoshida to discuss the popular Monster Hunter: World collaboration and more.

Celebrations for the fifth anniversary are currently taking place within Final Fantasy XIV Online: The Rising event is currently available in game and will continue until September 18. More information on the event can be found here.