Polaroid introduced the Polaroid Mint 2-in-1 instant digital camera and printer today, along with the Polaroid Mint instant digital pocket printer. The Polaroid Mint camera aims to simplify instant printing, while also offering a sleek and modern design. The Polaroid Mint pocket printer promises faster, more powerful printing capabilities with a slim and mobile-friendly design, and both come in a wide-array of colors.

“We’re excited to welcome the new Polaroid Mint camera and pocket printer to the Polaroid family and showcase them to the European market at IFA,” said Oskar Smolokowski, CEO of Polaroid BV. “They offer consumers the latest in digital instant printing technology, portability and shareability. For 80 years Polaroid has always been about offering easy to use, portable products that bring people together around their photos – and the Polaroid Mint lineup moves that mission forward in our most portable 2×3′ format.”

The Polaroid Mint camera makes it easy to capture and print instant photos, which is kind of Polaroid’s claim to fame. The devices offer a vertical design, printing vibrant, high-quality photos that the company says will last a lifetime. There are three modes to choose from when snapping pictures, a color option; black and white; or a sepia mode, and you choose to add a classic frame before you instantly print the photo. The camera itself is 16-megapixels; can support a MicroSD card with up to 256 GB of storage; there’s an integrated selfie mirror, an automatic LED flash; and a self-timer. You can even choose between a black, white, red, blue and yellow option, selling for $99.

If you’re looking to just print, there’s the Polaroid Mint instant digital pocket printer. The printer connects to the Polaroid Mint app on your smart device via Bluetooth and will instantly print 2″x3″ full-color glossy photos in less than a minute. The app features editing, filters, frames, stickers and more. Created to be a slim, lightweight printer, you will get to print 50 photos per charge on the device. You can charge the device with a USB charging cable/port and the Polaroid Mint app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The printer also comes in black, white, red, blue and yellow and will sell for $129.

Both the Polaroid Mint camera and printer use the ink-free Zero Ink printing technology developed by ZINK. The ZINK-enabled printer uses heat to activate and colorize cyan, yellow and magenta dye crystals embedded in the paper. The result is full-color, high quality, long-lasting and smudge-proof images without ink cartridges, ribbons or toner. The 2″x3″ photo prints in just under a minute so consumers can instantly share the photo with friends and family.

The devices are expected to ship out in the forth quarter of 2018, but if you need an instant camera before then, you an compare Polaroids latest offerings here on Amazon.