If you’re one of the millions of players that love collecting “Fortnite” emotes, then you will want to activate Two-Factor Authorization on your account. You should already be doing this, just for your own security, but now Epic Games is going out of its way to encourage users across the globe.

The developers are hoping to cut down on the amount of hackers targeting accounts, while also keeping their fan base secured. It works out better for everyone when 2FA is activated on all accounts. If you turn on 2FA for your account, you’ll pick up a free emote to use in the game, pretty much a win-win scenario for everyone.

Epic Games told followers on social-media, “Your account security is our top priority! Protect your account by enabling 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication). As a reward for protecting your account, you’ll unlock the Boogiedown Emote in Fortnite Battle Royale.”

You can go about this a number of ways. The developers will let users activate 2FA through the official authenticator app; the Google Authenticator app; through LastPass; or even through Authy. Which ever way you prefer, go ahead and tell Epic Games.

If you want to grab the emote, just turn on 2FA in your “Fortnite” account settings on the game’s official website. You will find the option under the password & security tab. First you will have to enter a passcode when you log-into your account, you will do this the first time after enabling 2FA, but you won’t have to enter it again unless you are absent for 30 days, or if you clear all your browser cookies.

We should mention that this is for account control, not for playing the game. So don’t worry about using the 2FA step every time you want to play the game. This will keep hackers out of your account and will keep anyone from selling off your details or ruining your hard-work.

After that, you’ll be secured and ready to go. You will find that groovy new Boogie Down emote the next time you log into the game and hit the Battle Royal lobby. You’ll be telling the world you’re ready to party and that you are protected.