Fans of D.Va can watch a new “Overwatch” animated short starring the popular off-tank herself. The video below is the latest animated short from Blizzard, which have become popular with players over the years. The shorts often offer insight and backstory for a select group of Overwatch’s most popular heroes and they have always been crowd pleasers.

The new video is titled “Shooting Star” and the video shows the rise of D.Va from competitive gamer to Overwatch hero, with a few moments of D.Va expert mechanic. If you’ve played the game you probably already knew that D.Va had a history within the Korean e-sports circuit (you can even get an emote in the game showing D.Va playing one of her favorite games on her mech as she shovels chips and soda into her mouth) but her emotional backstory may surprise even the most devout fans.

The previous shorts were just as touching and if you haven’t seen the ones for Bastion, Mei, or Tracer’s holiday video, you should take a moment to watch them. I would suggest them to anyone, even if you don’t play the game or haven’t picked it up in a while. With the popularity of the shorts, and the game itself, Blizzard has to be constantly turning down offers for an Overwatch themed animated series, or even a feature film. If not, Hollywood has let us down and Television doesn’t know a good thing when it sees one. We would watch an entire season of an “Overwatch” series on Netflix in one binge-session and we probably aren’t the only ones.

The D.VA short wasn’t the only surprise today, Blizzard also released a new map for players to explore and conquer. The map is located in the Korean city Busan and this one is another control map. You can test it out on the Overwatch PTR test server, Blizzard stopped short of confirming a release date for the map on the live-server at this time.

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