With the exception of iPhones, most mobile phones and tablets allow you to increase your storage through microSD cards, and while Samsung has been dominating the market over the past few years, HyperX has a new line that the company hopes will connect with mobile gamers and Nintendo Switch users.

HyperX is the gaming division of Kingston, which has been making storage solutions for over thirty-years now, and players probably know Kingston best from their line of SSDs and USB cards. HyperX already has quite a few popular lines on the market, including RAM sets, headsets, mouse options, keyboards, and other USB options. The new HyperX Gaming microSD Cards feature read speeds of 100MB/s and write speeds of 80MB/s1, which meets or exceeds even the Nintendo Switch requirements. The new product line is available in 64G, 128G and 256G capacities and is already available for North America.

“We are proud to expand our line of HyperX accessories with the new Gaming microSD Cards,” said Andrew Ewing, senior manager for console business, HyperX. “Our goal was to bring reliable, high-capacity and plug-and-play storage to mobile gamers and HyperX is excited to make that happen.”

The HyperX Gaming microSD Card is compatible with Nintendo Switch, mobile phones, tablets and other portable gaming devices that have a microSD slot for extended storage. Due to the limited internal storage on the Nintendo Switch, users need a microSD card to expand the storage space to install and play multiple games. The demand for more memory will continue to grow as more games with large amounts of content become available.

HyperX Gaming microSD Cards meet the needs of on-the-go gamers who download games and downloadable content (DLC) and don’t want to carry multiple cards or wait for long load times. The cards were also designed and manufactured to meet UHS-I, CL10, Speed Class (U3), A1 performance requirements.

As we mentioned earlier, the HyperX Gaming microSD Card is already available. You can find them on the official site her at hyperxgaming.com, or you can shop the competition here on Amazon.com.