Logitech has a new device that your iPhone is going to love. The company announced the Logitech Powered Wireless Charging Stand this week, designed in collaboration with Apple, and perfect for almost any situation.

The Powered is a wireless charging stand that’s compatible with the iPhone 8; the iPhone 8 Plus; and the fancy new iPhone X. Now there are a lot of wireless chargers out there but the Powered charger is one that you can charge and use at the same time, in both portrait or landscape mode, which is a pretty great feature.

“POWERED lives up to the elegance and experience of the iPhone, making your wireless charging completely seamless and keeping you connected while you power up,” said Michele Hermann, vice president of mobility at Logitech. “Unlike traditional flat chargers, there’s no need for exact alignment – just drop your iPhone in the cradle and go. It’s a truly magical experience, especially for iPhone X users who can use Face ID with a simple glance.”

So when will this come in handy you might wonder, well reading a recipe, waiting on texts or notifications, using FaceTime or Skype, or when you just want to use your phone as a clock next to your bed. It’s also great for leaving Discord on if you’re gaming, or if you frequently like to skip songs on Spotify. Now you can disable the auto-lock feature and leave your screen on all the time. It should also work really well with Logitech’s Overwolf features, so you can watch your CPU stats while you game without loosing charge.

The rubberized u-shape cradle keeps iPhone stable even with a protective case up to 3mm thick, so it’s safe and continuously charging. Qi-certified and optimized for iPhone, POWERED has a built-in overheat protection system that helps regulate temperature.

The LED on top gives confirmation that iPhone is charging while staying hidden behind the phone so the light doesn’t become distracting. The device is expected to be available in August 2018 for a suggested retail price of $69.99.