The success of “Wonder Woman” at the box-office may have encouraged some studio executives at Warner Bros. to follow through with another DC heroine; Supergirl. Several outlets are reporting that Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Entertainment are putting together a standalone film starring Kal-El’s iconic cousin, and early reports indicate that “22 Jump Street” writer Oren Uziel will write the script. The film is still very early in the planning stage and currently doesn’t have a confirmed director at this point.

Of course The CW already has a high-flying Supergirl, Melissa Benoist plays that role for the network. Unfortunately for Benoist, DC tends to keep TV characters and Film characters separate. That distinction was verified when Grant Gustin’s Flash character didn’t make it into the “Justice League,” despite the show having strong ratings and Gustin’s large fan base. This also won’t be the first “Supergirl” movie to hit the big screen, a “Supergirl” film was released back in 1984 with director Jeannot Szwarc, the film featured Helen Slater.

If the film does pull through, it will be interesting to see how Supergirl stacks up against Wonder Woman at the box-office. “Wonder Woman” was a fan-favorite when it released back in 2017, bringing in over $821M worldwide. You can compare that to “Justice League,” which also opened in 2017, a film that only made $657M worldwide. Despite splitting audiences, “Batman v Superman” did manage to gross over $873M at the global box-office and is the film to beat for the upcoming DC heroes. DC still has a long way to go to catch up with Marvel though, “Avengers: Infinity War” has made over $2B worldwide.

Warner Bros. Pictures has two big DC movies headed to theaters over the next year, “Aquaman” is set to open in December and “Shazam” will release on April 5, 2019. “Wonder Woman 1984” is set to release in November 2019. “Aquaman” was directed by James Wan and stars Amber Heard, Jason Momoa, and Nicole Kidman, and “Shazam” was directed by David F. Sandberg and features Zachary Levi, Michelle Borth, and Mark Strong.