While MoviePass seems to be struggling to stay afloat, AMC Theatres announced that the company has reached a new subscription record for the “AMC Stubs A-List” program. The milestone comes just five weeks after the enrollment period first started and the AMC Stubs A-List frequent moviegoer program has already enrolled more than 175,000 fully-paid members.

According to the company, the initial surge in membership is “well ahead of expectations” and everything seems to be running smoothly for the company. At the time of launch on June 26, 2018, AMC expected to hit 500,000 members one year from launch at the end of June of 2019, and 1 million members two years from launch, at the end of June of 2020. As we announced earlier this year, the A-List is a new premium VIP tier of the AMC Stubs loyalty program and a direct competitor for MoviePass. As of July 31st, the success of A-List has in turn helped push the current membership of AMC Stubs up to 15.8 million U.S. households.

Adam Aron, AMC CEO and President, said in a statement, “We are nothing less than ecstatic about the early consumer response to AMC Stubs A-List, which encourages moviegoers to come to the theatre more often, bringing their family and friends with them. With more than 175,000 members enrolled in just five weeks, the growth of AMC Stubs A-List has far exceeded our projections”. Aron continued, “We also find it reassuring that we consciously designed AMC Stubs A-List to be a profitable program with a price point that is loaded with consumer value while also being sustainable for us and for our guests.”

Aron added, “Because AMC Stubs A-List benefits our guests, our valued industry and studio partners, and our shareholders, we expect A-List will endure over the long-haul. Accordingly, we are excited to continue welcoming current and new AMC guests to enjoy AMC Stubs A-List, which offers the very best of AMC. A-Listers get a choice of every movie including the newest blockbusters, in every format including IMAX, Dolby Cinema and RealD 3D, at every U.S. AMC location, bookable online and in advance, with no annoying or unreasonable surge/peak pricing, up to three times per week, all for just $19.95 per month (plus tax).”

If you frequently hit up an AMC theater, you can find more information on AMC’s web site amcstubs.com/alist, or on AMC’s iOS and Android smartphone apps after downloading or updating them with the latest app release.