EA’s long planned “Origin Access Premier” launches today, the service offers a new subscription tier for PC users that gives players full access to EA’s latest releases for the first time ever. Members will play the full game days before launch and the service features extra content like in-game currency. Players also get all of the benefits from the Basic membership that features an ever-evolving library of games 100+ games in EA’s “The Vault” section.

It makes sense that EA is launching the new Origin Access Premiere service now, the publisher has quite a few heavy-hitters waiting to hit store shelves over the next year. Two of the big names coming out are “Battlefield 5” and “Anthem,” which are sure to draw players into the subscription market.

“Origin Access Premier offers players a wealth of content, including all of EA’s PC games and numerous titles from other publishers in a single membership,” said Michael Blank, Senior Vice President, Player Network. “As our first-ever subscription service with full access to newly-released EA games, we’re offering players more freedom to play the games they want, anytime they want.”

Players can join Origin Access Premier now to start playing previously released EA titles on PC, including “The Sims 4” with the Digital Deluxe content including Dine Out and Kids Room Stuff, “Star Wars: Battlefront II,” “EA SPORTS FIFA 18,” “A Way Out,” “Unravel Two,” and “Fe”.

As we mentioned earlier, players will be able to play upcoming EA titles on PC before anyone else. Those highly anticipated titles include “EA SPORTS Madden NFL 19 Hall of Fame Edition” on August 2, 2018; “EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Ultimate Edition on September 20, 2018; “Battlefield V Deluxe Edition” on October 11, 2018; and “Anthem Legion of Dawn Edition” on February 15, 2019,

Pricing for the new subscription can be monthly or yearly, depending on how you want to pay for it. EA is charging $14.99/month or $99.99/year. You can find more information on EA’s “Origin Access Premiere” or sign up today by visiting origin.com.