The Overwatch community was over the moon when developers announced that ‘Wrecking Ball’ would be the game’s newest hero. The tiny hamster has escaped his captors at the Horizon Lunar Colony and is hitting the game in late July.

Also known as Hammond, the tiny rodent’s arrival to the game was announced through the official Overwatch Twitter account earlier today. The account told followers, “Beware of small mammals. 🐹 Wrecking Ball rolls into the fight 07.24.18.”

The new character will be the newest tank, though he seems more of an ‘off-tank’ than another shield tank like Rein or Orisa. In his Mech, Wrecking Ball can roll around the map, and other players, to disrupt the front or back lines, and he is equipped with cannons, adaptive shields, and a mine launcher. The big move is Minefield, where Hammond deploys devastating Mines all around him to throttle the opposing team. Wrecking Ball will be “Overwatch’s” 28th hero, a list of characters that seems to be getting better and better each year. Players can still compete in the current season in Overwatch, and the Arcade is still offering Loot Boxes for anyone that can win at the jumble of games that the game-mode still has in store. We didn’t get Lucio Ball for the World Cup, but we are hoping to hear about any new seasons and events that might be coming up during San Diego Comic-Con later this week. We will just have to keep our fingers crossed for an announcement.

Overwatch will be doing a little celebration at San Diego Comic-Con this year. The developers are holding a panel to discuss how they designed Wrecking Ball with fans of the franchise. San Diego Comic-Con runs from July 19th through July 22nd, stay up to date on our SDCC News and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.