Netflix Teases the Cutest ‘White Fang’ Ever

This wolf doggo is pulling heartstrings

white fangnetflix

There are countless adaptations and stories stemming from Jack London’s classic novel “White Fang”, but Netflix may have created one of the most adorable versions ever. The video-streaming service debuted a new trailer for “White Fang” earlier today, showing off the unique art-style and the celebrity voice-cast that brought the characters to life for subscribers.

The CG style is somewhere between watercolor and early 90s CGI graphics, but it looks incredible. The story follows White Fang, a wolf-dog who explores the wild, finds a friend, tries dog-fighting in Fort Yukon, and searches for a place to belong. This adaptation was directed by Academy Award winner Alexandre Espigares (Mr Hublot), and the voice talents include Nick Offerman, Rashida Jones, Paul Giamatti, and Eddie Spears. You don’t even have to wait to see it, White Fang is now streaming exclusively on Netflix. You can check out the trailer that Netflix released earlier today below.

The animated version might appeal more to younger children that you think will enjoy the classic story. Disney has made a couple of films based on the classic tale, the first starring a young Ethan Hawke back in 1991. The first film was profitable, though the release didn’t have the same box-office impact that other Disney films had at the time (this was the age of Aladdin, The Rescuers Down Under, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King, so Disney’s focus was elsewhere it seems). Ethan Hawke’s version opened with just $5.6M on its opening weekend but still managed to make over $34M domestically in theaters. Hawke returned for a small role in “White Fang II: Myth of the Wild,” which only made $2.6M on opening weekend, but the film topped off at just $8.8M domestically. That’s when Disney closed the book on the adaptations of “White Fang”. Don’t worry about young actor Ethan Hawke though, he turned out just fine.

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