In celebration of Amazon Prime Day, Twitch will be giving away 21 games to Twitch Prime Subscribers throughout the month of July. Anyone with an Amazon Prime Account can activate a Twitch Prime account, it only takes a moment to connect the two and you will soon be enjoying the benefits. This isn’t the first time that Twitch is giving away free games, but free games are always welcomed.

During the next few weeks, Twitch will also be giving away exclusive loot. This is also a common practice for Twitch, in the past members have received skins and extras for popular games like “Fortnite” and “Hearthstone”. This month players can pick up exclusive goodies from “Warframe” and “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,” as well as a few others. The list is quite extensive and the big call-outs are “Brutal Legend,” the currently available “Pillars of Eternity: Definitive Edition,” “Broken Age,” and “Next Up Hero”.

You will have to login on the corresponding days to claim the loot and they are only available for PC. As for the launch dates, they are: Pillars of Eternity Definitive Edition (July 2 – July 4); Metal Slug 3 (July 3 – August 2); The Last Blade (July 3 – August 2); Twinkle Star Sprites (July 3 – August 2); QUBE2 (July 3 – July 9); Battle Chef Brigade (July 4 – July 11); Manual Samuel (July 5 – July 12); Gonner (July 6 – July 13); Next Up Hero (July 7 – July 14); Uurnong Uurnlimited (July 8 – July 14); Hue (July 9 – July 15); Deponia Doomsday (July 10 – July 16); Observer (July 11 – July 17); Tacoma (July 12 – July 18); The Bridge (July 13 – July 26); Brutal Legend (July 14 – July 27); The Red Strings Club (July 15 – July 21); Tyranny (July 16 – July 18); Broken Age (July 17 – July 31); The Framed Collection (July 18 – July 31); and Serial Cleaner (July 18 – July 31).

Amazon officially announced Prime Day earlier today, before the Twitch promotion officially began. This year’s big event will go live on July 16th. If you need to connect your Twitch Account to your Prime Account, or if you want to see what other promotions are going on over on Twitch, you can find the information on

Another promotion you can enter is a chance to win the Alexa Home-Smart-Home Sweepstakes. You don’t have to buy anything, you enter by asking Alexa questions about Prime Day, watching Alexa-related videos, downloading and using the Amazon App, and things like that. One grand prize winner will receive an Alexa-enabled 2019 Lexus ES, a complete Alexa smart home package, and more. You can get details at