It’s always an exciting day when “Overwatch” announces a new hero, and fans of the game are celebrating the reveal of an adorable hamster named Hammond on social-media and the official forums. Blizzard revealed the details of the tiny terror in a new developer update today, but fans will have to wait a little longer to get up close and personal with the mechanized rodent.

What we know for sure is that Hammond is from Horizon Lunar Colony and was friends with Winston. The duo landed in different places when they escaped the base and Hammond ended up in Junkertown. Hammond built “Wrecking Ball,” the giant mech-tank that you see him piloting. Hammond competed in the Junkertown arena and became quite popular with the crowds. Hammond’s “Wrecking Ball” tank has quad-cannons and a chassis built like a TIE-fighter, and his special ability allows him to swing around like, well a wrecking ball. The mech can also roll around in a ball-mode and his ultimate will release mines all around him. This is sure to cause a ton of problems for enemies on points and capture zones, and will most certainly shake things up. Hammond himself doesn’t speak English, but he built his mech to translate for him.

Blizzard revealed the hamster on social-media earlier today, and released a short video below to get fans excited for the full release. The debut was timed with the start of the new season, which is scheduled to start this weekend. Overwatch has been busy releasing new heroes over the last few years, this will be twenty-eighth hero added to the Overwatch ranks. You can get your fill of adorableness with the video below, straight from the Overwatch Twitter account. Fans will want to watch the video below and start their theories on the best way to counter the powerfull wrecking ball and his mines.

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