Netflix announced this week that Jason Ritter has signed on to the drama called “Raising Dion,” a family drama with some superhero themes. The video-streaming service also confirmed that Felicity Huffman will be joining Angela Bassett and Patricia Arquette in “Otherhood”.

In “Raising Dion” the series follows Nicole Reese, a single mom raising her son Dion after the death of her husband Mark (Michael B. Jordan). While it’s already a struggle to raise a son as a single mom, Reese’s problems are amplified when Dion starts to manifest several magical, superhero-like abilities. Nicole must now keep her son’s gifts a secret with the help of Mark’s best friend Pat (Jason Ritter) and protect Dion from antagonists out to exploit him. They duo have to do all of this while figuring out the origin of Dion’s abilities.

Netflix described Pat as a comic-book-reading scientist who worked with Dion’s dad Mark, his best friend. With Mark gone, Pat makes a big effort to be there for Nicole and Dion, and loves them like family. Not only is Pat smart and successful – he also has a special bond with Dion.

The series is based on commercial and music video director Dennis Liu’s short film about an African-American single mother who discovers her young son has multiple, constantly changing abilities. The project comes from Liu, Michael B. Jordan, veteran showrunner Carol Barbee, Kenny Goodman, writer-producer Michael Green, and Charles D. King’s MACRO. Ritter’s recent ABC show, “Kevin (Probably) Saves The World,” was canceled after just one season back in May. It didn’t take long for Ritter to find another project and fans of his should be excited for the new series.

As for “Otherhood,” the cast is now Academy Award nominee Angela Bassett (Black Panther, Mission: Impossible – Fallout), Academy Award winner Patricia Arquette (Boyhood), Emmy Award winner and Academy Award nominee Felicity Huffman (American Crime, Transamerica, Desperate Housewives), Jake Lacy (Carol, Girls (TV)), Sinqua Walls (Once Upon A Time, Power) and Jake Hoffman (The Irishman, The Wolf of Wall Street). The film is being directed by Emmy Award winner Cindy Chupack (Sex & The City, Modern Family) and is based the William Sutcliffe’s novel, “Whatever Makes You Happy”.