PUBG Player Count Hits 400M and Starts a Sale

PUBG hits a new landmark

The publishers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are celebrating a new milestone this week with a sale on the game. Player UnCorporation, the publishers of the immensely popular PUBG, announced today that over 400M total players worldwide have played PUBG across all platforms (Steam, kakao, DMM, Xbox One, Mail.Ru, iOS and Android) to date. Those game has totaled more than 227M players monthly, making it one of the most played games in the world. To celebrate the milestone, PUBG will be discounted for the first time on Steam starting today for a limited time, priced at $19.99, welcoming new fans to join the worldwide gaming phenomenon.

“We are genuinely humbled by the ongoing success and growth of PUBG,” said CH Kim, CEO, PUBG Corp. “We are not resting on our laurels though, as we continue to focus on performance and content updates for current players to enjoy, and look to our future as we aspire to deliver the signature PUBG experience to a broader gaming audience, worldwide.”

Since its early access release in March 2017 and official worldwide release in December 2017, PUBG has garnered critical accolades and grown a thriving player community, while delivering a multitude of new modes, maps, and features. In addition to the over 50M total units of PUBG sold across PC and Xbox One, PUBG draws over 87M players each day into action-packed battle royale survival and combat monthly. To celebrate the landmark moment, starting today for a limited time, the full version of PUBG for PC on Steam is on sale for $19.99, a 33.33% reduction from the game’s regular price.

This limited-time offer gives players the opportunity to immerse themselves into the full PUBG experience, including classic maps Erangel and Miramar and all-new Sanhok, launching on June 22. PUBG on Steam is available on the official Steam store.

With 87M players each day, it’s hard to imagine that too many interested players are left to take advantage of the sale, but for the few that are still on the fence, the discount should be a welcomed event.