Netflix is expanding the company’s unscripted offerings for subscribers, adding three new series to the production schedule for 2018 and beyond. The shows have some muscle behind them, including comedian Jimmy Carr and Sprinkles Cupcakes co-founder Candace Nelson.

The first series is called “The Fix,” and it will be the first comedy show in the world with the stated ambition to solve the world’s biggest problems. All of this through comedy of course, with the help of experts. In each episode Jimmy Carr, along with two permanent team captains – Katherine Ryan and D.L. Hughley – host guest comics and experts in taking one massive issue facing the world and attempting to solve it. The series is produced by Embassy Row, and Netflix has ordered 10 episodes so far.

The second series in the mix is “Westside,” which follows a group of ambitious and deeply talented young musicians spanning multiple genres, coming together to create an original performance series at a Los Angeles nightclub. Following the artists in their complicated lives as they pursue their dreams to make it in the music business, the format weaves gritty and cinematic docu-series scenes with artistic music videos featuring original songs that underscore the storylines of the series. The series is produced by Love Productions and Madwood Studios, and Netflix has ordered 8 episodes so far with James Carroll directing.

“Sugar Rush” will be a new, relentlessly fast-paced baking competition that challenges brilliant bakers to create sweet treats that look beautiful and taste amazing – all against the clock. The competition is judged by two world class pastry chefs: Candace Nelson (co-founder and executive pastry chef behind Sprinkles cupcakes and Pizzana in Los Angeles) and Adriano Zumbo, with Hunter March hosting. The series is produced by Magical Elves and Netflix has ordered 8 episodes so far.

Netflix stopped short of announcing release dates for these three series, but more information will be given as the shows enter into production.