Sonos has expanded the company’s soundbar options, adding the new “Sonos Beam” which allows users to easily integrate Amazon Alexa into their living room media center. The Sonos Beam is small, voice-enabled, and relatively inexpensive when compared to other Sonos products.

Minimalists will love the Sonos Beam’s size, coming in at just 25.6 inches long, the new device is 40% smaller than the popular Sonos Playbar. The whole device weighs 6.2 lbs, making it a perfect addition to a shelf or wall mounted setup. Users can pre-order the Sonos Beam in either white or black and it is available on the Sonos website. As we mentioned earlier, the Sonos Beam supports voice control, with Airplay 2 and Google Assistant support on the way. Sonos stated that Airplay 2 functionality should arrive next month, the same time-frame that other Sonos products are scheduled to become compatible, but Google Assistant may take longer.

Beam is shipping with Amazon Alexa built in, so you won’t even need an Echo Dot or an Echo in your living room anymore. If you prefer to control your music and entertainment the old fashion way, you can always use the Sonos App, which offers direct control on apps like Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, and Audible.

The Sonos Beam offers four full-range woofers, coupled with one tweeter. Just like other Sonos products, the device offers an Optical Audio Adapter to connect to your TV, which will allow DOLBY DIGITAL and stereo support. While the device itself offers customizable bass and treble controls, there are five class-D digital amplifiers that already tuned by the manufacturer to compliment the speaker. Sonos put together a promotional video to get enthusiasts excited for the big launch date, you can watch that video below.

As for availability and pricing, the Sonos Beam is expected to launch globally on July 17th, the device will ship with an MSRP of $399. It’s a nice option to have if the $699 Playbar is out of your price-range, or if you have a smaller living room in your apartment or home.