After a picture of a keychain bearing the title “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey” hit social-media today, fans were quick to speculate that it was connected to the next installment of Ubisoft’s long-running “Assassin’s Creed” franchise. This time the fans were correct and Ubisoft confirmed this evening that “Odyssey” will be introduced at E3 this year.

Ubisoft took to Twitter to make the official announcement, showing a brief five-second teaser for the game. The video, shown below, offers just a glimpse of what could be a Roman or Spartan soldier kicking someone off a mountain. It’s very Gerard Butler in “300,” but that’s probably the intention.

Fans are once again full of speculation and theories thanks to the big reveal. No one knows for certain when the game will take place, or which side the Assassins and Templars will be on in a Roman/Spartan conflict. In most games, the Romans get the “bad guy” side but we will have to wait until E3 to know for sure.

Fans of the franchise can watch the very quick teaser below.

If you want to catch the big reveal, Ubisoft is scheduled to hit the stage at 1pm PT on Monday, June 11th. Other games on the docket for Ubisoft this year could include the sequel “The Division 2” and a follow-up announcement on Ubisoft’s pirate adventurer “Skull and Bones,” a game that was shown last year. Ubisoft will probably begin or end the show with “Beyond Good & Evil 2,” the remake of the original hit that has been in development for years.

The longshots this year are a new “Watchdogs” game, a new “The Crew” installment, and possibly a new “Splinter Cell” game. With no teasers and no leaks to speak of yet, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for them. Even if Ubisoft does announcement a new installment to any of these franchises, it’s no longer tradition at E3 to release the game the same year. Fans could have another three year wait, with another three E3 presentations in their belt, before the game even hits store shelves.