Instagram has finally gotten around to adding a Mute button, possibly saving friendships and work-relationships the world over.

All of us have friends, relatives, bosses, work-mates, or exes that use Instagram and if any of them are posting too often (or just annoying you) you can now mute them without having to officially unfollow them.

Muting works almost the same as it does on Twitter and Facebook, with a few added perks. The Muted-Account will still think you follow them but you won’t actually see any of their pics in your feed. Instagram did add a nice touch though, even if you mute someone you will still be able to see their profile. This is perfect for the rare time that this person posted something that you heard about and still want to see it, or if you want to recap their account before running into them.

One more perk to the mute button is the DM message. Even if you Mute the account you will still get a notification if they send you a Direct Message. This is good for work-mates, but if someone is not getting your “soft no” to stay away, you’ll still have to go the report-and-block function. You also get notifications if they tag you in a post, or if they tag you in a pic.

It’s also a great time to add a mute button to the site. Summer is just around the corner and the summer heat seams to make everyone want to bask in the glow of the sun and Instagram everything they do.

If you don’t see the Mute button yet, don’t worry. Instagram said in a statement that the option will be rolling-out to all users over the next few weeks. So keep an eye out for the Mute button and stay positively passive aggressive.