Netflix announced this week that Amy Ryan will star in a new adaptation of “Lost Girls,” with Liz Garbus Directing. Netflix stopped short of announcing a release window for the special, but we do know the plot details since it’s based on an award-winning book.

The film will be a true-crime story that is based on Robert Kolker’s award-winning book of the same name ($10 on Amazon). Fan may remember Liz Garbus as an Oscar-nominated documentarian, but this time Garbus is making her first narrative feature. Liz Garbus is a two-time Oscar Nominee with two Emmy wins in her pocket. The director also has a Peabody, was a Grammy Nominee, and was DGA-Nominated. It’s a safe bet that if you enjoy watching True Crime dramas, this is one that you should put on your list. One of Garbus’ most recent works was “What Happened Miss Simone?”, the project featured Nina Simone, Lisa Simone Kelly, and Roger Nupie.

Amy Ryan herself is an Academy Award nominee, fans may remember her from the film “Gone Baby Gone”. Ryan will also be featured in the upcoming Felix Van Groeningen film “Beautiful Boy” with Steve Carell, Timothée Chalamet, and Maura Tierney, as well as in the film “Late Night” with Emma Thompson and Hugh Dancy (written by Mindy Kaling).

Anne Carey and Kevin McCormick are producing the film for Netflix, with Michael Werwie working on the screenplay.

Netflix describes the film adding, “The story, both a true crime story and a strong character piece follows Mari Gilbert as she relentlessly drives law enforcement agents to search for her missing daughter and in the process sheds light on a wave of unsolved murders of young female sex workers on the South Shore barrier islands of Long Island.”

Netflix will most likely confirm that supporting cast over the next few months, until then, we will just have to wait for a release date.