Overwatch’s most popular healer is taking on a new target, and getting dressed for battle. Blizzard announced this week that the popular game has partnered with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and will offer a ‘Pink Mercy’ Charity Skin to help raise funds.

Starting on May 8th and running through May 21st, Blizzard Entertainment will donate 100% of the proceeds received for the purchase of the Overwatch ‘Pink Mercy’ skin to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is the world’s largest private funder of breast cancer research, supporting the work of 275 scientists at leading medical and academic institutions in 15 countries across six continents. The most common cancer in women worldwide, the publisher stated that breast cancer is a topic that is very close to the Overwatch team’s heart, with many of their friends and family having been personally affected by the devastating disease. The team is dedicated to helping to advance breast cancer research, and Overwatch players can join the fight by supporting this noble cause.

Pink Mercy herself is a brilliant scientist, and she is basically the guardian angel of Overwatch. The character’s real name is Dr. Angela Ziegler, but she mostly goes by her codename Mercy. The character has dedicated her life to helping and healing others, and she’s the perfect choice for the event. The publisher created a short promotional video for players, and you can watch that video below. The video added the description, “We believe in creating a better world, and as part of that mission we’ve teamed up with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to release a special charity skin in Overwatch: Pink Mercy! Available for purchase in-game and online through May 21, all sales of this limited-time legendary skin will benefit BCRF and their mission to end breast cancer.”

It’s nice to see Overwatch using its popularity and reach to raise money for a great cause. The game has over 35M players globall and the game has tremendous ability to both raise awareness and much needed funds. The award-winning video game features a cast of 27 unique heroes, each bringing their own abilities to battle on objective-based maps set across the world. The game’s tagline is “The world could always use more heroes,” and it’s nice to see people on both sides of the game stepping up to the plate.

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