The long-awaited fifth season of “Arrested Development” now has a premiere date, and a brand new trailer to go along with it. Netflix confirmed the official debut of “Arrested Development: Season 5” with the trailer below, and fans won’t even have to wait that long to see the new episodes.

The official launch date for the fifth season is set for May 29, 2018, and this time the whole gang will be together. Unlike in Season 4, where most of the Bluths were paired off and separated from one another, this time the story will bring all of the Bluths together under one roof. The decision to separate all of the Bluths in season 4 was mostly do to scheduling, as many of the actors had moved on to new projects, and it was unclear just how well the new season would do after such a long hiatus. This time around it seems like Netflix was able to wrangle most of the Bluths together, so critics of the fourth season should be happy to hear the news.

Fans of the show can watch the trailer below, and everyone should set a reminder to see the new episodes on May 29th on Netflix. On a side note, Netflix did confirm that Jeffrey Tambor will be featured in the new episodes, and he is also featured in the new trailer. It was unclear if the actor would return to his role on the show, after allegations of misconduct caused Amazon to terminate his role on “Transparent”.

“Arrested Development” fans can catch a preview of the new episodes below, which shows that the one and only Lindsay Bluth will be running for Congress this time around, adding a little political humor to the show.

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