Disney’s “Incredibles 2” is only a few weeks away at this point, and Disney has a brand-new trailer for fans of the franchise to enjoy. The new installment is bringing back your favorite superhero family, with Holly Hunter, Craig T. Nelson, and Sarah Powell voicing their super-powered alter-egos.

The animated-comedy is scheduled to hit theaters nationwide this June, and you can get an early look at the film thanks to the new trailer that was released today from the studio. As we reported earlier this year, the only major casting change in this installment is the son Dash, who will be voiced by Huck Milner in the new film. Once again, Brad Bird will be voicing Edna “E” Mode, and Samuel L. Jackson is returning to voice Lucius Best (a.k.a. Frozone).

The film isn’t just returning characters, there are some new additions to the story. Bob Odenkirk will be joining as the voice of Winston Deavor, and Catherine Keener will be voicing the role of Evelyn Deavor. Sophia Bush will be voicing the character Voyd in the new film, and Jonathan Banks will voice the role of Rick Dicker. Disney also confirmed that Isabella Rossallini will be voicing the role of Ambassador.

The sequel is releasing almost four-years after the original hit theaters. In 2014 “The Incredibles” opened at number-one with a $70M debut weekend, and the film earned $261M domestically before grossing $633M worldwide. The first installment was written and directed by Brad Bird, and he is returning to do the same for the follow-up film.

If you need to set a reminder, “Incredibles 2” will hit theaters on June 15, 2018. Also opening that month is the Warner Bros. Pictures’ heist-thriller “Oceans 8,” and Universal’s actioner “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”. Warner Bros. Pictures released a new trailer for “Ocean’s 8” this weekend, showing that the Met Gala will be the location for the film’s heist, and it was confirmed last month that Colin Trevorrow will direct the third Jurassic World film in the series.

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