EA is expanding the company’s Origin Access service, adding new publishers and more free games to player’s Vaults. EA made the official announcement earlier this week, confirming that six Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment titles will be available through Origin Access.

This is the first major publisher outside of EA to introduce titles to the Vault, and hopefully other third-party publishers will start adding their games to the service. Origin Access members can now play games from the hit “Batman: Arkham” series and “LEGO Batman” series. In the coming weeks, more games will be joining The Vault, including the award-winning indie title “The Witness,” and a brand-new game “Out of the Park 19”.

The new line-up of games entering The Vault will include: “Batman: Arkham Asylum,” “Batman: Arkham City,” “Batman: Arkham Origins,” “LEGO Batman,” “LEGO Batman 2,” and “LEGO Batman 3”. All of those titles are available right now. Over the next few weeks players will see “The Witness,” “Out of the Park Baseball 19,” “Lost Castle,” “Bulletstorm – Lite,” and “Wasteland 2” in their Vaults and ready to download.

For players who are not a member of Origin Access, they can try some of these games and the full line-up of titles in The Vault for free during a seven-day trial from now through March 26, 2018. Players can also access discounts on Origin game purchases. To learn more about member benefits, visit origin.com/store/origin-access.

While younger players might enjoy the Lego series, older players should enjoy the Batman: Arkham series, as it was a big hit with both fans and critics. Other games currently available through the Vault are “Titanfall 2,” “Mirror’s Edge Catalyst,” “Mass Effect” and “Mass Effect: Andromeda,” “Battlefield 3,” “Battlefield 4” and “Battlefield 1,” “Star Wars: Battlefront,” “The Sims 4,” “Simcity” and many more.

If you haven’t played a lot of the games in the Vault, the monthly price-tag is very affordable. The long list of titles should keep you busy through these long winter nights, all for one low price. You also get a discount for pre-ordering new games through Origin if you are an Origin Access member.