Logitech’s newest wireless mouse and keyboard combo offers premium battery life and essential features below the $70 mark. The bundle expands Logitech’s line of easy-to-pair Bluetooth devices for Windows and Chrome OS users, and allows users to switch to a wireless desktop without breaking the bank. While the MK 540 may not be as solid as Logitech’s K83 model, it’s also have the price of most standard wired-keyboards. The MK 540 also uses the same advanced 2.4GHz wireless connection as Logitech’s premium models, and the MK540 is one of the few Logitech mouse and keyboard bundles that offer a full-sized keyboard.

The MK 540 was designed to be an easy-to-use workhorse, with a few key-features added to the design to make your wireless transition a little easier. Over the last few years Logitech has mastered the art of low-power PC accessories, and the MK 540 takes advantage of previous designs that Logitech has perfected. At my desk currently is the G613 wireless gaming keyboard, the G703 gaming mouse, and the MX Master 2X, and all of them last for weeks before they need charging. The MK 540 keyboard can last up to 36-months with normal use, and the mouse can run up to 18 months before the batteries need to be changed. Just like G613 that I have, the MK 540 runs on AA batteries, so you can buy a pair of rechargeables (I use Panasonic eneloop about $10 on Amazon) and have them ready to swap out whenever you may need them (in about a year or two). The mouse uses a singular AA battery, and both the mouse and keyboard come with batteries to get you setup.

While using the MK 540 for school or office work, you can rest-assured that your keystrokes will be transmitted with wireless encryption. Another bonus for longtime Logitech users is that the mouse and the keyboard connect using Logitech’s popular Unifying Technology via a USB receiver. This means that if you already use Logitech products, you will be able to pair your devices to the Unifying USB that you already have installed. If this is your first time pairing Logitech products, the USB receiver is included in the bundle, and it’s one of the easiest ways to pair Bluetooth devices.

The feel of the keyboard is terrific, and I was very pleased to see that Logitech included 3 tilt positions in this design. The Logitech Craft that I reviewed earlier this year only had one setting, which was the only downside to that model. The MK 540 is also spill resistant, making it a perfect choice for a crowded office desk or a student’s dorm room. You won’t find back-lighting on this model, a trade-off when you are designing a keyboard around battery consumption, but there are lights to indicate Caps Lock and Battery levels. These keys are also extremely quiet to type on, so you won’t be annoying your office mates, or keeping your roommate up while you finish your work throughout the night. Together the mouse and keyboard weigh about 878g, and both fit in a standard backpack or tote-bag for easy transportation. Logitech created a short features video for the MK 540, you can watch that video below.

Logitech’s connectivity and battery life are why the brand has become so popular over the years, and this model offers both for just $60. The MK 540 is a simple solution for anyone looking to go wireless, with all the benefits of Logitech’s security, warranty, and Unifying Receiver tech included in one low-cost bundle. While many of Logitech’s wireless combos prefer smaller keyboards for mobility, this is a great option for anyone looking for a full-size keyboard and mouse combo.

You can find more information on the Logitech MK 540 on Logitech.com and online retailers like Amazon.com.

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9All the benefits of Logitech's security, warranty, and Unifying Receiver tech included in one low-cost bundle