Set Sail with the Sea of Thieves Xbox One S Bundle

Ready to plunder in 4K

sea of thieves bundlemicrosoft

The co-op pirate adventure ‘Sea of Thieves’ has picked up quite a fan-following since the Closed Beta launched last month. The game is gearing up for launch in just a few weeks, and to celebrate, Microsoft is releasing an exclusive Xbox One S Sea of Thieves Bundle for new players.

According to the company, the Xbox One S Sea of Thieves Bundle will be available starting March 20, 2018 for $299 at Microsoft Stores, Microsoft Online, and through online retailers like There will also be several accessory lines (and clothing lines) launching over the next few weeks with Sea of Thieves branding.

The bundle will come packed with extras, as well as an Xbox One S with a 1TB hard drive and an Xbox Wireless Controller. The console also offers a built-in 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player, and support for 4K video streaming, High Dynamic Range and Dolby Atmos support. You will also get a full-game download of Sea of Thieves, so you’ll be able to play the title on day-one after a quick download. The bundle will also come with a 1-month Xbox Live Gold subscription, and a 1-month Xbox Game Pass trial, giving you everything you need (besides a crew) to set sail on the open seas.

The publisher teased the game by stating, “Form a crew and take to the open ocean on voyages to discover buried treasure, solve puzzling riddles, secure precious cargo and combat a wide array of challenges. In a world where every sail signals a ship crewed by real players with unique goals and motivations, you never know what lies over the horizon.”

There will also be a special Sea of Thieves controller launching this year, it is also available separately for $75. The controller comes with the Ferryman Clothing Set for your Sea of Thieves character, a 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial and a 14-day Xbox Game Pass trial at no additional cost.

You can also look for the Seagate Special Edition Sea of Thieves 2TB Game Drive for Xbox, and the Controller Gear Limited Edition Sea of Thieves Xbox Pro Charging Stand and Controller Gear Limited Edition Sea of Thieves Xbox One Controller Stand V2.0. Those accessories are available for pre-order now for $89.99, $49.99 and $14.99, respectively.

“Sea of Thieves” is set to launch on March 20 with Xbox Game Pass for $9.99 a month, or preorder for $59.99.