The Duplass brothers are the current dynamic duo of Hollywood, working tirelessly both on-screen and behind the cameras in a wide-array of popular shows and films. The two stars have been working on hits like “The Mindy Project,” “Transparent,” “Big Mouth,” “Room 104,” and “Animals,” both receiving critical acclaim for their work, and neither of them seem to be slowing down.

Cementing their roles in independent film and television, the brothers will soon release an accurate account of their lifelong personal and professional partnership together in their new book “Like Brothers”. The book, from Ballantine Books, will go on sale this May and will be a unique memoir told in essays that share the secrets of their success, the joys and frustrations of intimate collaboration, and the lessons they’ve learned the hard way.

Part coming-of-age memoir, part underdog story, and part insider account of succeeding in Hollywood on their own terms, LIKE BROTHERS is also a surprisingly practical road map to a rewarding creative partnership. From a childhood spent wielding an oversized home video camera in the suburbs of New Orleans to their shared years at the University of Texas in early ‘90s Austin, and from the breakthrough short they made on a $3 budget to the night their feature film Baghead became the center of a Sundance bidding war, Mark and Jay tell the story of a bond that’s resilient, affectionate, mutually empowering, and only mildly dysfunctional.

They are brutally honest about how their closeness sabotaged their youthful romantic relationships, about the jealousy each felt when the other stole the spotlight as an actor (Mark in The League, Jay in Transparent), and about the challenges they faced on the set of their beloved HBO series, Togetherness—namely, too much togetherness.

You can pre-order “Like Brothers” now (starting at $14 on Amazon), and be ready to dive into it when the book hit shelves on May 8th