Square Enix is launching Dissidia Final Fantasy NT this week, featuring a launch roster of 28 playable legendary characters and familiar summons from the lore of Final Fantasy. The game includes some non-fighting elements, like entertaining story clips with your favorite characters, classic and updated character visuals, and a pretty great soundtrack.

Developed in partnership with veteran fighting game studio Team NINJA from KOEI TECMO GAMES, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is a team-based brawler where players will work together to overcome their rivals and dominate the battlefield with strategic online and offline play. The game does offer a Season Pass, which means paid DLC in the future, and fans on social-media seem split on the Square Enix’s decision to include the mechanic in the game. That being said, the season pass is available for players who wish to enhance their experience, and it will include six new playable characters and additional content post launch. If you missed the DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Launch Trailer that was released this week, you can watch that video below to get a better view of the game.

DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT is now available for the PS4, and the title comes in several editions. If you don’t go digital, you’ll probably want to grab the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Steelbook Brawler Edition, since it’s only $59 on sites like Amazon. The Digital Deluxe edition is $89, and comes stacked with a few extra goodies, perfect for anyone that wants to download the game instead of having a standard retail copy. There is a standard edition, but since that too is $59, we can’t see why you wouldn’t choose the fancier Steelbook Brawler Edition for the extra perks. No matter which edition you end up choosing, the game is already available, and fans of the Final Fantasy series can log-in and start pummeling their favorite characters of yesteryear.

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