Freeform is getting into the reboot spirit with plans to bring back the 90’s hit “Party of Five”. Just before the start of the first-ever Freeform Summit event in Los Angeles, Disney’s young adult television network announced a put pilot commitment for an official reboot of the fan-favorite series.

The new reboot will bring back the show’s original creators Chris Keyser and Amy Lippman. From Sony Pictures Television, the reboot will follow five children as they navigate daily life struggles to survive as a family unit after their parents are suddenly deported back to Mexico.

Keyser and Lippman will write the pilot with Rodrigo Garcia set to direct. “Party of Five” is created by Keyser and Lippman, who also serve as executive producers and writers. Garcia will also serve as executive producer and will direct the pilot. Michael Zebede serves as co-executive producer and writer.

The original series launched in the early 90s, and was quite the springboard for young talent at the time. The show featured Scott Wolf, Matthew Fox, Neve Campbell, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jeremy London, and Scott Grimes. The show was a pretty consistent hit, lasting for six-seasons before almost the entire cast aged-out of their original roles.

Freeform stopped short of announcing any castings at this point, or if any of the original cast will come back to be featured in the upcoming reboot. We can only hope that maybe a Jennifer Love Hewitt or Neve Campbell walk-on role will at least be part of the first season. We don’t have a premiere date quite yet, but more information about the first season and other details about the cast are sure to be released as the show gets closer to production.

The “Freeform Summit” happening this week is a network-wide event that will feature a series of panel discussions addressing activism, social change, representation in television and various other important cultural issues defining modern youth culture today.