Fans of HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones will have to wait another year before seeing any new episodes. The network confirmed today that the next season of GoT won’t release on HBO until 2019, even though it’s technically the shortest season of them all.

The upcoming season will be season 8, and it will also serve as the final season of the long-running series. Fans had plenty of hints that the show would not air in 2018, including several clues dropped by the cast and crew over the last few months. The show hasn’t even begun filming the new season yet, which should have been the first indication that things were not going to move quickly, filming is scheduled to begin in October of this year. The new season will only have 6 episodes, but each will be almost as long as a feature film. It’s expected that each episode will be about 80min, giving fans about 480min of pure dragon-filled chaos and war.

It will be tough to avoid spoilers this year, with paparazzi and press camping out at the airports near filming locations, and drones flying high above to capture anything they can get their lenses on. If you are a fan of social-media filters, you will want to turn them on in late September to avoid any hints or photos from the set.

Until then you can relive seasons 1-7 on HBO, or if you prefer, the DVD or Blu-Ray collections that have been released over the past few few years. It would be nice to have new Game of Thrones episodes to get us through the dark winter months, but it seems we will have to wait even longer for fictional-winter to come to HBO. If you want to keep up with the cast, you can catch Kit Harrington in the TV mini-series “Gunpowder,” he plays the role of Robert Catesby, or wait for “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” with Sophie Turner, who will be playing the role of Jean Grey / Phoenix.