Most people don’t actually watch ‘The Game Awards’ to see their favorite developer win an award, and most probably don’t even remember who won GOTY last year. The annual event has turned into a marketing platform for publishers to tease fans with upcoming releases, and preview updates for current popular titles. This year the show included announcements for PUBG and Bayonetta , along with updates for Fortnite and a few first-look trailers for upcoming indie games.

“Firewatch” was one of the few indie-games that won over most of the gaming world back in 2016, and the studio is gearing up for their follow-up release. The studio behind the game, Campo Santo, will be taking players to a new location for their next gorgeous adventure, and the devs even brought a trailer to get fans excited. Titled “In the Valley of Gods,” the narrative drama will once again be a first-person adventure, and the game will offer puzzles and action for everyone. The developers did not give a release window at this time, but it will be coming to Steam eventually, so that’s something.

One of the biggest previews was for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, easily one of the most popular games on the market right now. The devs offered viewers a quick preview of the game’s new map, which is going by the name Miramar. The developers didn’t unveil all of the desert oasis’ secrets, but we do know that the map will bring new games and new vehicles for players to enjoy. Future gamers can airdrop into that map starting on December 20th.

If you love PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds gameplay, but prefer a brighter color palette, then you might like its cartoonish cousin “Fortnite“. The game launched a new 50v50 game-mode this week, and used the Game Awards as a soapbox to show off the new terrain. Epic Games says that the game-mode is currently scheduled to be a limited-time event, but at least it’s available right now. In the new mode 50 person teams will battle each other for domination, instead of the usual ‘everyone for themselves’ mode.

World War Z“, from Saber Interactive, also made an announcement at the event. The game will boast a four-player hoard mode at launch, allowing players to team up with their friends to take on a seemingly endless supply of the undead. Saber Interactive also won points with the crowd by confirming that the new title will hit all three major platforms (sorry Nintendo Switch) launching on the PS4, PC, and Xbox One in 2018.

Fighting fans cheered when the new “Soulcalibur” was introduced, the franchise will be coming out with a new game in 2018 for the PS4, PC, and the Xbox One. This one seems to be in the very early stages development, and right now we just have the teaser-trailer to share from the show.

It wouldn’t be a gaming awards show without something bizarre from Hideo Kojima. The famed creator of the Metal Gear franchise previewed another clip from “Death Stranding” at the show, which has been teased for the last few years now. As usual, the video provides no gameplay, no release date, and no clue on what is going on in the video.

Platinum Games confirmed the existence of “Bayonetta 3,” but provided few details. This one will be for Nintendo Switch users only, sorry everyone else in the world. To get young fans acclimated with the franchise, Platinum Games will be releasing Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 on the console this winter.