Disney has confirmed that Liu Yifei will be taking the role of Mulan in Disney’s upcoming live-action remake. Liu Yifei is a Chinese actress, but some may know her as Crystal Liu. The news was announced earlier today on the OhMyDisney blog, and later posted to social-media. According to earlier reports, Liu was just one of a thousand actors who Disney considered for the role, in the past Disney execs have been adamant about hiring a Chinese actor for the part of Mulan.

According to Disney, the upcoming live-action film “will be inspired by both the legendary ballad and the Disney animated classic,” so expect a few changes if you prefer the animated adaptation. The original animated-comedy was directed by Barry Cook, and featured the voice-talents of Ming-Na Wen, Eddie Murphy, Harvey Fierstein, James Hong, Donny Osmond, and George Takei. The 1998 hit brought in over $120M domestically for Disney, and made over $304M worldwide.

While Disney has been quiet on other castings for the film, we do know that the adaptation will be directed by Niki Caro, and produced by Jason Reed, Chris Bender, and Jake Weiner. Bill Kong will be executive producing.

The popular director has been the driving force behind quite a few outstanding projects over the years, including the critically acclaimed hits “Whale Rider,” “The Zookeeper’s Wife,” and “McFarland”.

Earlier this year we detailed the 12 Live Action Disney Movies that are currently scheduled to hit theaters, including “Dumbo,” “Mulan,” “Aladdin,” “Cruela,” and “The Lion King”. Disney’s most recent casting announcements were for “The Lion King,” which included Beyonce, Keegan-Michael Key, Donald Glover, and James Earl Jones.

Disney has been on hot streak of annoucements all morning, starting the day with the first trailer for “Avengers: Infinity War” and getting fans on social-media super excited for that film’s May release date.

The untitled Mulan film is expected to hit theaters in 2019.