When we aren’t stuffing our faces with turkey and potatoes, most Americans will be hitting the local cineplex this holiday weekend. While the day after Christmas is usually one of the biggest surges for movie theaters, the long Thanksgiving weekend is still one of the best weekends for studios.

IMDbPro highlighted the Top 10 Thanksgiving three-day weekend box office champs for films opening during the holiday weekend over the last three decades, recapping the films that moviegoers skyrocketed to the top of the charts. You probably wouldn’t be surprised if I told you that Disney was high on the list, but you may be surprised to learn that Disney IS the list.

Amazon’s IMDBPro created the list of Top 10 Thanksgiving weekend three-day (Friday to Sunday) domestic grosses for wide-release opening movies of the last 30 years, and these numbers were not adjusted for inflation.

When comparing box-office data over the last 30 years, Disney has 9 films on the top 10 list. The list has “Frozen” (Disney, 2013) with a Thanksgiving weekend gross of $67M; “Toy Story 2” (Disney, 1999) with a $57M weekend, “Moana” (Disney, 2016) had $56M; “Tangled” (Disney, 2010) grossed $48M, “The Good Dinosaur” (Disney, 2015) hit $39M; “Enchanted” (Disney, 2007) had $34M; “101 Dalmatians” (Disney, 1996) reached $33.5M; “A Bug’s Life” (Disney, 1998) hit $33.2M; and “Unbreakable” (Disney, 2000) hit $30.M.

The only film on the top o that wasn’t Disney was “Four Christmases” (New Line, 2008) which came in at number-nine with $31M.

“The Thanksgiving holiday weekend is traditionally one of the biggest box office weekends of the year, and over the years Disney has used it to launch several of their highest-grossing animated titles including the start of Pixar’s iconic series Toy Story in 1995,” said Brad Brevet, IMDbPro’s Box Office Editor. “The studio’s 2013 release Frozen holds the record for the largest three and five-day Thanksgiving opening weekend and the studio itself holds an astonishing nine of the top 10 spots in the Thanksgiving record books, including last year’s release Moana, Pixar’s Toy Story 2 and the 2010 hit Tangled. This year they’ll be looking to add to those records with the release of Coco, the latest animated hit from Pixar, which has already become the highest-grossing release of all-time in Mexico.”

“The entertainment industry will be closely watching Thanksgiving weekend for a sign that this year’s box office results will improve by year end,” said Matt Kumin, Head of IMDbPro. “IMDbPro and Box Office Mojo offer our members unrivaled box office insights and analysis throughout the year, as well as a host of other information and tools designed to help entertainment industry professionals monitor and dig deeper into industry trends.”