Amazon is offering 19 official selection short films from the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival on Amazon Prime Video. The collection of short films are made available through the Amazon Video Direct Film Festival Stars (FFS) Short Film program which is designed to establish an attractive distribution model for films screed at film festivals.

In the past, Short films like this ones available below haven’t had a clear pathway to distribution and monetization, but with FFS’s Short Film Program, these 19 films have a long-term distribution model with a highly engaged audience in Prime members. All films, including “Odd Is An Egg,” the winner of Best Animated Short at Tribeca Film Festival, Cul-de-sac, and Salta are available at no additional cost to their membership. A complete list of new titles can be found below.

After announcing the FFS Shorts program in April at Tribeca, AVD announced the program’s extension to official selection short films at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. Under the program, AVD offers cash bonuses to the top performing short films published through AVD during a defined performance window (for Tribeca films, Q4 2017; for TIFF films, Q4 2018). Of the Tribeca Shorts now available on Prime Video, the top 5 titles will split a bonus prize of $50,000 based on customer engagement.

“We’re thrilled to bring Odd Is An Egg to the broad and highly engaged Amazon Prime Video audience through Amazon Video Direct,” said Kristin Ulseth, Director of Odd Is An Egg. “We hope that Odd will find new friends all over the world!”

In addition to FFS Shorts, Prime Video is becoming a home for high quality short form content, making it easy for customers to discover and consume their favorite content, while allowing filmmakers to showcase their work on Amazon’s service. Amazon has also teamed up with several high-profile content creators and distributors, such as Funny or Die, to offer exclusive first windows into short form content. Other popular short form titles currently available on Prime Video include Funny or Die’s Special Collection: New Voices and Dropping the Soap, which saw Jane Lynch win an Creative Arts Emmy for Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series.

A man watches Groundhog Day over, and over, and over again as a strange woman brings him his lunch. Will the heart recover what the mind has lost?

Approaching a Breakthrough
Back in New York after a stint in Los Angeles, Norman Kaminsky has a terrible argument with his girlfriend just before running into a string of characters from his past. Despite his best efforts to run away from his problems, Norman can’t seem to escape them.

Blues Planet: Triptych
Blues Planet: Triptych explores the Gulf Oil Spill disaster and its aftermath through environmental artist Wyland who, along with 30 of today’s pre-eminent blues artists, including luminaries such as Taj Mahal and Jon Cleary, recorded a new genre of global blues on the catastrophe’s anniversary.

A girl learns the brutal sacrifice it takes to satisfy her love in this surreal, twisted world.

In the latest stunner by the team behind the Academy Award-winning short Curfew, a married couple’s bubble of suburban normality is punctured when they find a surprise inside their toddler’s teddy bear.

A heartwarming story about the power of community support during a time of grief, this award winning animated short film centers around a group of park pigeons, and their old men pals, who come together to help one of their own get through a great loss.

Don’t Mess With Julie Whitfield
Julie Whitfield is always in charge of the Oak Tree Elementary Fall Fantasy Fundraiser. But when new parent Rachel attempts a coup, it leads to a knock-down bloody battle only one mom can survive.

After crash landing on a desolate planet, a lone space explorer must find a way to make her new home habitable. Using innovation, grit and courage, she casts out the darkness in this new land. Escape is a brilliant, cinematic poem about the treacherous yet world-changing power of invention.

In the late 1950’s Hilda lived shoulder to shoulder with the greatest painters of the Abstract Expressionist movement from Resnick to deKooning.

Seconds after her wedding, a bride is stunned to learn her new husband fudged nearly everything about his past, his family, and his accomplishments—but his revelations force her to come clean about a few shocking secrets of her own.

Odd is An Egg
Odd is terrified of his head, until one day he falls in love with Gunn who is both fearless and happy in life. Odd’s life is turned upside down and he is freed from his worries in the most unexpected way.

Oh Damn
After smoking too much weed on his way to meet a friend at the movie theater, Matt’s altered perception hurls him into a dark, surreal series of events that unfold across the theater. Official selection of 2017 Tribeca Short Film Festival. Starring Matt Ingebretson, Pat Bishop, Fred Willard, Barbara Gray.

Salta (Dive)
A subtle coming of age story that shows a moment in Julia’s life, where she’ll have to decide whether to stay in place or take the plunge.

Second to None
Frederick Butterfield has always been runner up to his twin brother Herman. When Herman, the older by a mere minute, becomes the world’s oldest man, Frederick finally sees an opportunity to be first place. Official selection Tribeca Film Festival 2017; Winner of the Best Animated Short award at the Galway Film Fleadh 2016 and at the Savannah Film Festival 2016.

The Beehive
A superstar socialite seeks revenge when the artist who made her famous finds a younger muse. From the award winning Australian writer and director Jacobie Gray, The Beehive is based on the relationship between 1960’s pop icons Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick.

The Rugby Boys of Memphis
At an inner city high school in south Memphis, Tennessee, an unlikely sport has arisen, and with it a team of untapped potential. In a gritty, inspirational short documentary film, follow the rise of Power Center Academy’s first rugby team and see the ways in which, for these boys, rugby is so much more than a game on a field.

The Spring
In August 2016, seven female filmmakers traveled to Central Florida to film the women of Weeki Wachee Springs, for whom performing mermaid shows is more than a job – it’s a craft.

The World in Your Window
Eight-year-old Jesse lives in a twilight world that he shares with his grief stricken father. They are trapped in the past until an accidental friendship with a muscle car driving transsexual helps Jesse and his father find their way out. Official selection Tribeca Film Festival 2017 and winner of the Prix Etudiant de la Jeunesse Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival 2017.

Where There’s Smoke
After a tragic incident, a firefighter must convince the city commissioner he’s able to return to the line of duty. Based on true events.