Blizzard decided to skip all of the puzzles and teasing that came with the introduction of “Sombra,” and instead, announced a new healer without any hesitation at this year’s big company event. Blizzard announced the new character at this year’s Blizzcon gathering, giving fans several new videos to watch and a brand-new character to look forward to playing.

Moira is mostly a healer, but like Anna, also has the ability to deal out some damage. Moira’s healing comes in the form of streams, a lot like Mercy, but can also have an AoE effect like Lucio when the situation calls for it. Moira seems to borrow from the other characters, not only does she have the Mercy beams and the Lucio AeO, but she can also teleport like Reaper. The big ultimate ability Moira has is a dual wielding beam that both heals allies in its path, and hurts enemies trapped inside. Fans can get an early look at the character from the trailer released during Blizzcon below.

Adding a healer is probably the best move right now, since it’s usually the role that is the most critical for the team, and the least often chosen. While most people are excited to be the DPS of the group, it helps to have a healer that can do both for anyone that is less than excited to be the one to switch to back-up healer.

Blizzard also announced a ton of new skins for existing characters, including a Barbarian Zara, and an Echo Point Mei. There will also be new emotes and highlight intros for players to find in their loot boxes.

The new map is a pretty exciting addition to the rotation, and Blizzard created a Blizzard World amusement park for players to explore. The map is filled with Blizzard Easter-eggs, including locations and names from other Blizzard titles and popular franchises. You can watch a promotional trailer for the new map here.

The Overwatch Short released this year focuses on Reinhardt (and his glorious hair), and should be a favorite for all of the tanks out there.