Razer had a few exciting announcements to share with fans this week, including the Razer Naga Trinity gaming mouse and the Razer Tartarus V2 gaming keypad. The customizable mouse and keypad can adapt to a wide range of games and playstyles, but focuses more on Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) and Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games. Now that Razer has a new line of products on the way, now is the best time to hit up the Razer Storefront on sites like Amazon.com, and see which if the previous goodies have dropped in price.

The Razer Naga Trinity is the ninth iteration of the best-selling Razer Naga family, and is a modular mouse featuring three interchangeable side plates. Users can opt for the iconic original 12-button thumb grid of the Razer Naga Chroma designed for MMO games like WOW, or the seven-button thumb wheel of the Razer Naga Hex V2 for MOBA and hack-and-slash titles like “Heroes of the Storm”. A new two-button configuration completes the ‘Trinity’ in the title, sporting a minimalistic feel that is perfect for general use or FPS. We should note that when using the 12-button configuration, gamers will have up to 19 programmable keys for customization.

The Razer Naga Trinity also comes equipped with an improved sensor over its predecessors, featuring a 5G, true 16,000 dots-per-inch (DPI) optical sensor with 450 IPS for faster and more accurate mouse movements.

For even greater game control at your fingertips, gamers can also own the Razer Tartarus V2. The new ergonomic gaming keypad has 32 fully programmable keys (seven more keys than its predecessor) and features Razer’s Mecha-Membrane key technology that offers both a soft, cushioned touch and a crisp, tactile click with each keystroke.

Users can further expand commands with the eight-way directional thumbpad and three-way scroll wheel, enabling full reign of movement and endless spell combinations. Existing commands may be doubled using Razer’s Hypershift mode, which opens a secondary set of commands for macros, windows shortcuts, and everything else that can be layered on top of your current settings. Multiple personalized gaming profiles can be created and saved in the cloud via Razer Synapse 3 (Beta) Cloud Storage.

“Customization is what sets our peripherals apart from the competition,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO. “This mouse and keypad adapts to you: your game and your playstyle. From ‘World of Warcraft’ to ‘Heroes of the Storm,’ these peripherals put the controls in your hands the way you want it.”

The Razer Naga Trinity and Razer Tartarus V2 are also Powered by Razer Chroma, with up to 16.8 million color options. Button remapping, surface calibration and Razer Chroma lighting effects are all configured and controlled via Razer Synapse 3 (Beta). Many popular games allow for Razer Chroma lighting integration, as well as tutorials, in-game actions and other interactive developer effects. The mouse and keypad will be available later this year 2017.

The Razer Naga Trinity will have an MSRP $99, while the Razer Tartarus V2 will sell for $79.

Razer also celebrated BlizzCon with a special addition to the Razer Peripherals line, offering a line of D.Va. inspired gear for Overwatch fans.