While I’ve had the opportunity to test out dozens of sport-headsets over the last year, my 2016 Jaybird Freedom┬áset has always been my go-to model. You won’t find a shortage of wireless headsets on the market today, and prices can range from $15 up to $300 per pair, but the newest model from Jaybird should definitely be at the top of your comparison list this year.

Now the term wireless is getting tossed around a lot these days, so don’t get confused. The term ‘truly wireless’ applies to devices like AirPods or the Jaybird Run Wireless Earbuds, while ‘wireless’ applies to the devices with one wire connecting each earpiece. The Freedom 2 line is wireless, and it’s the form-factor that I prefer while working out. If you also prefer the simpler wireless version, than the Freedom 2 line is one of the best on the market. If you prefer the newer AirPods style, than you should certainly consider the Jaybird Run Wireless that I reviewed late last month.

At $150 (currently $129 on Amazon) the Freedom 2 line aren’t the cheapest option on the market, but they are one of the best. Along with amazing sound, the Freedom 2 line has a terrific fit that’s easily customizable. The Freedom 2 comes with multiple earpieces that can be switched out to match your particular ear-size, and each headset comes with four different sizes to choose from. The fit is important for comfort, as well as sound, so take the time to find the model that fits you best.

Just like the previous installment, the Freedom 2 are lightweight, and offer simply amazing sound for the price-point. Audio quality is high enough that you can use these while working out, or enjoying music on the daily commute. Since they are comfortable, I use the new Freedom 2 set for both casual podcast listening, audio books, and morning and evening runs. They have become my new standard, my workhorse while I’m getting accustomed to the Jaybird Run Wireless option. You can get a great look at the customization and comfort options available in the new line from the promotional video below.

While most of the features haven’t changed from the original Freedom line to the Freedom 2 line, you will notice that cord management has changed slightly. There’s a pulley system in place to reduce the length of the cord between the headsets, so fitness pros with smaller heads won’t have a drapey cord hanging across their neck. The new version is also sweatproof and water resistant, so feel free to give them your toughest workouts. The Freedom 2 also features the charging-clip that I loved with the original model. While a fully charged set will give you up to 4 hours of playtime, the base that you use to charge the headset can be brought along for an additional 4 hours of juice. That’s 8hrs of playtime per charge, which should be enough for even the toughest of routines. Sound on the Freedom 2 is superb, and it’s even customizable. Using the free Jaybird App you can adjust the bass or equalizer to fit your particular taste in music. Overall Jaybird has been my go-to choice for sports headsets, and I was very pleased with the results of the newest model. They sound great, they are comfortable, and I didn’t have any issues connecting them to iOS or Android devices. It’s the trifecta of sports-headsets.

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9.7The new Freedom 2 line offers terrific sound with amazing comfort, working just as hard as I do each morning.