After reviewing the Logitech Craft keyboard last month, I really wanted to get my hands on the company’s new Logitech MX Sound speaker set. I currently have quite a few low-cost Bluetooth speaker sets scattered around my apartment, and while many of them perform without issue, the idea of a 24-W set specifically designed to double as a PC speaker system had me hooked. The fact that it was $99, made it even better. Equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 and offering a 3.5mm input, I was happy to discover that the new system is versatile and surprisingly powerful.

The speakers are the latest in Logitech’s growing MX line, which recently released the MX Ergo, and the MX Master 2S and MX Anywhere 2S mice. While I haven’t tested the MX Ergo yet, I did find the MX Master 2S and the MX Anywhere 2S to be one of the best wireless options on the market. The new MX speakers are the perfect way to complete a wireless setup for your desktop, but they can be used by virtually any other device that you own thanks to offering both a 3.5mm jack and Bluetooth.

With 24-W the speakers are more powerful than most of the other low-cost Bluetooth speaker set you’ll find. Logitech certainly made bass a high priority when designing the MX Sound 2.0, which is perfect for anyone that enjoys games, movies, or music streaming from their computer or mobile devices. When I wasn’t testing out Youtube videos, games, or Netflix movies this week, I was listening to Podcasts through the speaker system, and the experience left me very impressed with the device’s range.

Out of the box, the MX Sound 2.0 offers a minimalist design, and even though I saw pictures of them before they arrived at the office, I was surprised at their size. The speakers are 160mm in diameter, which is slightly over 6″, and about 84.4mm thick. They are simple, yet stylish, and I think they will blend in nicely with any setup that you might have (though I do wish they also came in white). In my mind a 6″ diameter seemed smaller than it actually is, but I think the design should still be considered low-profile, and they sit seamlessly on my desk at the office. At just under 4lbs you shouldn’t have any issues with this set sitting on a shelf, and while the speaker itself is circular, the bass port helps them stand and keeps them steady.

The interface is just as simple as the design, and it too blends with its surroundings. Hidden away behind the fabric of the right speaker are the controls, quietly lurking there until you need them. You won’t find any protruding buttons on the shell of the device, instead, there’s a motion sensor on the right speaker that will illuminate the Bluetooth and volume controls when you go to push them. You don’t actually have to push them, just placing your finger on the light will do the trick. It’s the same motion-sensor setup that the Craft Keyboard offers, and it’s a perfect choice for the MX Sound 2.0. The controls light up brilliantly as you go to push them, then fade away and simply disappear behind the fabric when you don’t. While these controls are needed for Bluetooth pairing, if you have the speakers connected to a PC or mobile device, then you won’t really need the volume controls. You can see the illuminating controls and the overall design of the MX Sound 2.0 in the promotional video below from Logitech.

While the I loved the design overall, sound is obviously a little more important when discussing speakers. For their size and price, the 24-W speakers are fantastic, and probably the best option I’ve tested to this day at this price-point. The bass ports on the sides of each speaker offer a great range, and they should provide plenty of thrilling moments in games and movies, as well as from your favorite music. To find anything better you would have to almost double the price-tag, or jump from a 2.0 setup to an independent subwoofer.

At ($99 on Amazon) and small enough to put anywhere, it’s a great little system overall. I wouldn’t recommend them to fill a large room, and I don’t think they were ever designed to do that, but from a kitchen to a desktop, I think they would perform perfectly.

This is the third installment from Logitech’s MX line that I’ve reviewed in the last eight-weeks, and all of them have really surprised me. The line has really started producing terrific PC peripherals at competitive prices, and I’m excited to see what’s in store from both the MX and G-series from Logitech this holiday and into 2018. Let’s just have some all-white options or grey options to choose from Logitech, not everything has to be matte-black.

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9.7At $99, Logitech's MX Sound offers great sound from a low-profile device