Newegg launched the company’s new portfolio of PC Build Kits this week, a service that will offer insights and tips so that anyone can make the PC of their dreams. Already a popular destination for new and experienced PC builders, Newegg hopes that its PC Build Kits are the perfect starting point for anyone that may need a little extra guidance when planning their builds.

Building a PC from scratch can be a very rewarding project, yet a number of variables can complicate the process and hinder performance. For example, compatibility of various components can mean the difference between a fine-tuned machine and one that may underperform. Newegg’s PC Build Kits ensure compatibility, and offer a range of configurations to suit any need and budget.

“Many people toy with the idea of building their own PC, but don’t know where to start or worry it won’t work,” said Merle McIntosh, Newegg SVP of Sales & Marketing. “This is why we came up with PC Build Kits. They’re a great way to eliminate common missteps among novice PC builders and guarantee a frustration-free experience.”

Customers will be presented with a series of questions that will ultimately point them to the PC Build Kit that matches their requirements. First, they choose one of six cases. Once a case is selected, the customer indicates if they want to build an AMD- or Intel-based machine. From there, they simply choose whether they want a good/better/best configuration, taking into consideration their performance requirements and budget range. Once these questions are answered, they are presented with the build kit that most closely matches their needs.

All PC Build Kit customers receive a bonus Swag Box, which includes a variety of items from participating manufacturers. Also included are items from Newegg including a promo gift card, keyboard, mouse, tool kit and free membership to Newegg Premier—everything a customer needs to build and enjoy a new rig.

For more information and to shop Newegg’s new PC Build Kits, visit the company’s official website at