While I get to review countless gadgets on a weekly basis, few have proven as useful as the robotic vacuums. I once thought of these little handy-helpers as a luxury that only a few could afford, but now I tell everyone to invest in at least one per household. While my floors have never been cleaner, I’ve actually been cleaning less and it’s all thanks to little robotic wonders.

This week I got test out the Shark ION 750 the newest release from the company and the premium option within the Shark family of robotic vacuums. While the Shark ION 750 has the highest price of the three models ($349 on Amazon), it also has the most features. The company has released the Shark ION 720 and the Shark ION 700 in the past, both of which have garnered terrific reviews online, and the ION 750 is already a best-seller on Amazon.

Almost all of the robotic vacuums on the market share a common design, and the Shark ION 750 isn’t too different from the most expensive options available. Two spinning brushes (one clockwise and one counterclockwise) help funnel the dirt and debri from your floors and baseboards into the path of the central roller, which then collects all of the unwanted mess while you are off doing better things. While robotic vacuums aren’t the most powerful vacuums ever created, the fact that they run everyday make them some of the best cleaners that money can buy. Whether you have pets or kids (or both) the Shark ION 750 can keep up with even the messiest of little-ones. The profile height on the ION 750 is also a little shorter than most models, which allowed the vacuum to clean where other robots have failed to reach in the past. If you have couches and ottomans that have stopped robots in the past, see if this robot (2.6″) will offer an improved cleaning area than the model you currently have.

One feature that I loved on the Shark ION 750 was the simple “CLEAN” button on the top of the device. Almost all of the newer robotic vacuums are remote controlled at this point, but few have a ‘start’ button on the device itself. There has been several times that I’ve wanted to start other vacuums after carrying one into a specific room, only to realize that the remote was still across the apartment. The start button is a simple luxury, but it’s one that I appreciate. You will also find a “DOCK” button for when you carry it back (if you choose to carry back that is) and a “SPOT” button for quick cleaning in a certain area. The trio of buttons are a feature that appears to be requested by users, and it’s great to see a company responding to user-feedback if that’s the case. The ION 750 also has a uniquely designed roller, which is helix-patterned with rows of bristles. The roller has proven to be very effective against cat-hair and dust-bunnies on my hardwood floor, and works just as well on area-rugs and kitchen floors. Speaking of cat-hair, the “self-grooming system” is another unique feature on the ION 750 that you should know about, because it’s pretty fantastic.

The self-grooming system is basically a small fine-toothed comb that lies parallel to the main roller. The teeth grab and detangles the pet-hair, strings, fibers and grit that normally would get tangled around the main roller. If you’re a pet owner like me, you should notice that it’s a great addition, but human hair and strings from carpets and fabrics will also get caught in the teeth, saving everyone some cutting time.

The lithium-ion battery found within the Shark ION will keep your little robot bouncing around the house for up to an hour, which is on-par with other top-tier machines, and better than most of the low-cost options out there. As we mentioned earlier, the ION 750 is Alexa enabled, but you can also set cleaning schedules and tasks with the Shark Mobile app. You will have to download the Shark Skill to get the device working with Alexa, but all of the steps are clearly outlined in the instructional manual if you’re new to the system. While you might think that being Alexa-enabled and offering an App are just fancy extras, they really do make things easier and I highly recommend choosing a model that offers one or both of the options. Havings a smartphone app allows you to control when and where the Shark cleans, and you can do this in a fraction of the time that it would take you with a remote model. Having an app also allows you to check on the Shark’s progress, and you can set commands with a device that is almost always with you, unlike the remote that I forgot to grab in my earlier example. The ION 750 will also send you notifications if it gets stuck, which means you won’t have to keep an eye on it like other vacuums on the market. Other models just beep when they are stuck, and if you aren’t close enough to hear it, the vacuum will just sit there whining until you happened to walk by. You can get a great look at the app with the promotional video that Shark made below.

Like other robotic vacuums, the Shark ION 750 uses sensors to navigate itself around your home. The device will also guide itself back to the charging station when it needs a recharge. At half the price of the most expensive options out there, I found the Shark ION 750 to be just as good (if not better) on carpet, hardwood, tile, and area rugs. I even tested the device in a home with two dogs and thicker Berber carpet, and I didn’t notice any issues with suction or missed areas. The ION 750 also managed to pick-up stray kitty-litter and knocked-over cat-food (though it did fling it about on a few passes before eventually rolling over it with the main roller).

While there may be lower-cost options out there, you are certainly getting what you pay for with the Shark ION 750. It’s one of the most versatile options on the market, and it comes with both Alexa and App functionality. The device works seamlessly across carpet, hardwood floors, tile, and area rugs, and the ION 750 certainly has one of the better batteries. The device I tested worked just as well as the higher-cost models, and even at $349, is still half the price as those options.

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9.7With a terrific battery and smart functionality, Shark's latest 750 model is easily one of the best options you will find