With Halloween right around the corner, Sony Pictures Animation realized that it’s the perfect time to release a first-look photo from the studio’s upcoming film “Hotel Transylvania 3”. The animated-comedy is set to hit theaters in the summer of 2018, turning the blockbuster franchise a trilogy.

In “Hotel Transylvania 3,” Mavis surprises Dracula with a family voyage on a luxury monster cruise ship. This gives Dracula some much needed time off, and instead of helping everyone else during their vacations, allows Dracula to take one vacation just for himself. Obviously the entire Drac’s Pack tags along on the adventure, and things aren’t always relaxing. The monsters are all having a great time, indulging in all of the shipboard fun the cruise has to offer, from monster volleyball to colossus sized buffets and exotic excursions, but then the unexpected happens as Drac falls for the intriguing-yet-dangerous captain of the ship. 

The third installment was directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, working from a script written by Tartakovsky and Michael McCullers.

The film will bring back a lot of the same voice-talents that were featured in the first two films. The cast includes Adam Sandler (Dracula), Andy Samberg (Johnny), Selena Gomez (Mavis), Kevin James (Frank), Fran Drescher (Eunice), Steve Buscemi (Wayne), Molly Shannon (Wanda), David Spade (Griffin), Keegan-Michael Key (Murray) and Mel Brooks (Vlad).

The franchise has been a huge hit for Sony Pictures Animation over the last five years. The original film grossed over $148M domestically before going on to make $358M in 2012, but the sequel did even better. Released in 2015, “Hotel Transylvania 3” made almost $170M before grossing over $473M worldwide.

The third-installment is going for a summer-release, which might explain the “summer vacation” storyline that the film is following. The first two-installments released in late September, hoping to catch the back-to-school crowd as they started to get excited for Halloween. Sony hasn’t released an official trailer for the film yet, but we will see if moving to the summer-slot pays off for the Dracula family.