The Eufy RoboVac 11 was my first introduction to the luxurious world of robotic vacuums. I had heard of the Roomba prior to my first Eufy purchase, but was always put-off by the high price-tag and the mixed reviews that I found online. When Anker (a company that I have loved in the past for making cheap, well-made power supplies, speakers and cords) released their Roomba competitor, I happily jumped on board. The original Eufy 11 that I purchased is very similar to the Eufy RoboVac 11c that I recently tested, and you can probably tell by the name that it wasn’t a huge upgrade from the 11 to the 11c. The newer version does offer a few key features that many households may find useful, and is still very comparable in price. The Eufy 11 is a ‘best seller’ on Amazon, and you can save hundreds of dollars by going with Eufy over Roomba. In fact, a friend of mine bought a Roomba, then a Eufy when it was on sale for the second-level of their apartment. They found that the Eufy performed better, and will be switching brands moving forward.

You can usually grab these on sale, with huge savings. When this article was written the Eufy 11c was $200 off ($299 at Amazon) and the Eufy 11 was $280 off ($219 at Amazon).

Just like the Eufy RoboVac 11, the Eufy RoboVac 11c is ideal for hardwood floors and thin-carpets, but I tested both models out on low-shag throw rugs and a Berber carpet with amazing results. Both models offer high-suction modes; they are self-charging; they both have drop-sensing tech to keep them from plummeting down the stairs; they can be scheduled to run everyday; and offer HEPA style filters for pet fur and allergens. The Eufy 11c works with Amazon Alexa, and can work within your home Wi-Fi if you install the EufyHome app. This turns your smartphone into a remote control, which is just an awesome upgrade. If you have Alexa installed in your home I would recommend the Eufy 11c, if not, the Eufy 11 is a perfect choice.

The Testing Situations (both models tested)

My apartment in New York is all hardwood floors, except the kitchen and bathroom which are tiled, and there are a few low-shag rugs thrown around for color. In a ‘real-home’ test, I traveled to my parents house which has some Berber Carpet, and is inhabited by two cats and a Maltese. Both models were scheduled to run everyday, and given two-weeks to run on their own. In both locations, they ran in different rooms of the home without interruptions from humans (unless they got stuck or were needed to clean a certain area, or had be emptied).

This is probably a great time to mention how easy these models are to maintain and schedule. My parents are in their 70s, and I thought the Eufy would be a great way to take the bothersome chore of vacuuming up pet-hair every other day off their hands. The plan was to give them the Eufy 11 so they wouldn’t have to move around a heavy vacuum but still have the pet-hair free floors they have always loved. My parents have iPhones, and can text and turn on Netflix, but they are by no means tech-savvy. Despite all of this, the Eufy has been one of the most welcomed tech-gifts my parents have ever received (and I’ve sent them tech-gifts quite often). The review my mother gave was simply, “My carpets have never looked cleaner!”, while my father told me a story of how it got stuck on the telephone cord overnight and that he found it hilarious. You can see the Eufy 11 in action in the product video below.

Even with my shag-rugs, and my parents heavy-traffic carpet, the Eufy models ran perfectly. There’s a sensor that allows the models to notice when they are on a carpet or hardwood floor, and the devices adjust the speed and suction of the vacuum accordingly. Whether you have carpet, hardwood floors or tile, I would suggest testing out the Eufy. My parents went from vacuuming pet-hair every other day (with a service coming once a week to clean the house) to never vacuuming again. Even with two cats in a tiny NYC apartment in Brooklyn I have stopped vacuuming, and I haven’t had to sweep pet-hair since buying the Eufy. They are also very quiet, about the same noise of a small fan or remote control car you’d buy at a drug-store.

Both versions can be started with a simple touch of the remote. The Eufy will chirp in faux excitements and start charging away and cleaning your floors. Cleaning is done with side-brushes that spin at an angle, pushing dirt and pet-hair towards the front of the device to be rolled over by the rolling brush. The device will usually drive ahead until it senses it’s close enough to a wall or table leg, then it will slow down and bump into it, only to turn slightly and try to drive again. It’s like bumper-cars, and the little device simply bounces around until it’s out of power, or you tell it to stop and go recharge.

The idea of the Robovac is that you can let it run while you are busy doing other things, or when you are asleep or out of the house, but for the first two cycles I found myself just watching it from my couch. If you do this, you may think that it’s just going over the same spots again and again (and it probably is) but wait it out and you’ll see that it does eventually get everywhere. In the rare occurrence you want to guide it to a certain location (maybe for a particular spill or high-traffic area) you can do so by using the remote like a little joystick. Sometimes the Eufy gets stuck under complicated chair legs, or in my case a complicated coffee table on a shag-rug, but it will beep to let you know it needs help. Usually the Eufy will find it’s own way out of any tricky situation. There is also a setting that lets you put it on a big-spill or the center of the room, and it will spin in larger and larger spirals. There is also an ‘edge’ mode, that will make the Eufy follow the walls to get any dirt or pet-hair nestled by the baseboards. The Li-ion battery delivers over 1.5 hours of non-stop cleaning, a little less if you leave it on MAX settings. When it needs power, it uses IR sensors to find its way back to the cradle and charges itself.

I couldn’t be happier with both Eufy models, and I am very happy that my older parents no longer have to lug around heavy vacuums. If you are considering adding a little robot helper to your cleaning arsenal, I couldn’t recommend testing out the Eufy more.

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10The Eufy models offer the best options, at some of the lowest prices on the market