Netflix released a new trailer for “Neo Yokio” today, a new anime-series set to debut on the video-streaming service in September. The series has an impressive voice-cast behind it, including Jaden Smith, Jude Law, and Susan Sarandon. Like the YouTube description says, Neo Yokio is considered the greatest city in the world, and it’s the setting for the new show.

The series itself is starting small, with six-episodes to release when it debuts on Netflix later this month. The show comes from creator, writer and executive producer Ezra Koenig, who fans might know best from his work with the rock-band Vampire Weekend. Also behind the project is Nick Weidenfeld, through the Friends Night banner.

Getting back to the cast, Jaden Smith will be starring as Kaz Kaan. The character is the youngest sibling in a magic-powered family, and the lovesick protagonist of the show. You can’t miss Smith’s character, as he stands-out quite well with his pink hair. The family has a long history with the city of Neo Yokio, having once rid the city of demons and evil. Kaan is guided by his Aunt Agatha (voiced by Susan Sarandon) and his BFFs. Rounding out the top-tier cast are butler-tron Charles (voiced by Jude Law), and his friends Lexy and Gottlieb. While Kaan deals with the legacy of his family and the burdensome life of the every-teen, he also has a rival named Arcangelo Corelli (voiced by Jason Schwartzman.) Anime fans can watch the trailer below for a first-look at the series.

Netflix has been pushing into anime for sometime now. The network offers a long-list of popular titles like the new “Castlevania” series, as well as “Gunslinger Girl,” “Attack on Titan”. There are the staples as well, including “Little Witch Academia,” “One Punch Man,” “Naruto,” “InuYasha” and more.

Netflix will release “Neo Yokio” on September 22, 2017.