YouTube Live is getting a big upgrade, and it should improve the experience whether you are the streamer or the viewer. All of these upgrades and features focus on the interactions between the two parties, and many are fan-requested updates that have been in the works over the last few weeks. YouTube now offers ultra-low latency with Live Streams, meaning that you can stream video with just a couple seconds of latency between the moment and the stream. This should make things like answering live-questions much more convenient for everyone, and the interactions between fan and streamer should feel much more natural moving forward.

Another focus is on live-chat, with an emphasis on moderation and chat controls. The new Live Chat features will allow inline moderation, which will allow you (the content-creator) to quickly moderate your chat feed by simply pressing and holding the “alt/option” button on your keyboard, which will pause the chat feed. Once the feed is paused, you can hover over messages to remove or approve them with a single click. Just like before, you can still delegate a moderator for your live chat, giving people you trust the ability to remove, flag or hide messages so you can focus on the content. There’s even a flagging system in place, which will hold potentially inappropriate messages for review. When enabled, chat messages identified by YouTube’s algorithms will be held from posting on your streams right away. You can then review these messages and decide if they should be published. You can also block certain words or phrases, adjusting what gets flagged for review, or banned from your chat all together. Another feature is a shared hidden user list, which lets your moderators use the same hidden users list across comments and live chat. And in the future hides will work in both live chat and comments, regardless of where you take that action.

Thanks to Apple’s ReplayKit, you can already live stream many popular apps from developers like Gameloft, Savage and Super Evil Megacorp on YouTube Gaming. Now YouTube is bringing this content to the main YouTube app so you can live stream your content while using your phone’s microphone and front-facing camera to add your own video and audio commentary to the stream.