PS4 and Xbox One players are only a few days away from the launch of “Destiny 2,” and Activision is celebrating the launch with a live-action trailer. The video, which features the popular track ‘Sabotage’ from the Beastie Boys, was released as a call-to-action for fans around the world who are eagerly awaiting the launch of the popular FPS. If you pre-ordered the game ($59 at Amazon) then you probably enjoyed the beta, which we found was running pretty smoothly. The beta test was even running extremely well on the PC version. We tested out the PC version this past weekend, and even with a 1080 G1 we were able to run the game in 4K at 60FPS, with the graphics pushed to the limit. That’s pretty impressive for a beta, and we hope the final PC version is even more optimized.

Activision, Bungie, 72andSunny, RSA Films, and Framestore all came together to create the blockbuster live-action trailer. The two-minute live-action spot, “New Legends Will Rise,” depicts Destiny 2’s heroic character, Cayde-6, as he rallies three Guardians into a battle to defend Earth against the invading Red Legion. The spot is directed by Kong: Skull Island Director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts. “Destiny 2” will release worldwide on Sept. 6 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but PC players will have to wait a little longer. The PC version will release on October 24 on PC, and it will be the first non-Blizzard game to be offered digitally via (Blizzard Entertainment’s online gaming service). if you play DIABLO 3 or OVERWATCH, then you probably already noticed the splash-screens telling you to pre-order Destiny 2 on PC. Fans of the franchise can watch the trailer below, before it hits TV this weekend.

The 60-second “New Legends Will Rise” live action film debuts on network television, Saturday, Sept. 2, in the Epic College Football Match Up between the University of Alabama and Florida State University.