On Sunday night the MTV Music Video Awards aired against HBO‘s “Game of Thrones,” and while one certainly had the star-power and spectacle, the other had dragons. According to Nielsen’s social-ratings for the night, people on Facebook and Twitter couldn’t stop talking about the “Game of Thrones” season-finale. The season finale of GoT managed to overshadow the entirety of the Music Video Awards on the two social-media platforms, and was the most watched episode ever for the series. According to Nielsen ratings, the season finale brought-in 12.1M viewers. If you want to add HBO Go and HBO Now viewers, the total for the night jumps up to 16.5M in one-day. For those of you keeping track, that a 36% jump over the season 6 finale, which clocked-in at 8.9M total viewers.

HBO’s big “Game of Thrones” season 7 finale took the top spot on social-media on Sunday, with 2.1M unique posts on Facebook and Twitter combined. That’s compared to MTV’s Music Video Awards, which only managed to output 1.8M, and was even longer than the last episode of “Game of Thrones”. The big surprise was the interaction count on Facebook and Twitter, “Game of Thrones” still took the top-spot with 4.1M for the day, but the MTV Music Video Awards came up short with only 3.9M. While the numbers were close, it’s surprising to see that MTV Music Video Awards (which features celebrities and acts from a multitude of genres and performers) had fewer interactions than a single TV show. The MTV event had singers, actors, models, and musicians, all of whom have their own unique fan-bases on social-media platforms, and who are often quite interactive on a daily basis. “Game of Thrones” has its own stars of course, but not nearly as many as the Music Video Awards had to offer on Sunday.

To put all of these figures into perspective, all you have to do is compare Got and the VMAs with the third-place winner for the night. While “Game of Thrones” had 2.1M uniques and the VMAs had 1.8M, CBS’ “Big Brother” had just 148K total. The fourth overall spot for Facebook and Twitter combined was HBO’s “Insecure,” which only had 41K for the entire night.

It’s a giant win for HBO’s social-media team, which has been doing a steadfast job at promoting the series through Facebook and Twitter interactions and filters over the past year.