MTV previewed the first clips from “Heathers” last night during the 2017 Music Video Awards. The show will be a new series, set to air on the Paramount Network in 2018, and is based on the 1988 cult-classic film. If you missed the big-event last night, you can recap the live performances and find out who won right here.

Just like the original film, the series will be a dark-comedy, but the series itself will be an anthology-series set in the present day. The show will follow heroine Veronica Sawyer (Grace Victoria Cox) and boyfriend J.D. (James Scully) as they deal with a very different but equally vicious
group of Heathers. The Heathers are Heather Chandler (Melanie Field), Heather Duke (Brendan Scannell) and Heather McNamara (Jasmine Mathews).

The original “Heathers” hit theaters back in 1988, the film was directed by Michael Lehmann, working from a story written by Daniel Waters. The film starred Winona Ryder, Christian Slater, and Shannen Doherty. “Heathers” was actually only a limited-release in theaters back in the day and only grossed $1.1M. The film still on as one of the best dark teen comedies ever released, and the story of the Heathers will soon be released onto a new generation of teens and tweens.

The show released a quick-teaser at the VMAs last night, but also posted the video on Instagram for fans to checkout before the big premiere in 2018. You can watch that teaser below, from the show’s official Instagram page.

Coming in 2018 to the Paramount Network. #Heathers #☠️

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If you think you recognize Grace Victoria Cox, you may have seen her recently in the new “Twin Peaks” reboot as Charlotte, or you may be remembering her as Melanie Cross from the series “Under the Dome” back in 2014.