After months of speculation, and a few early leaks, Google revealed that the next version of its Android mobile operating system will be called Android OREO. In the past, Google has named each successive Android release after sugary-snacks like Eclair, Ice Cream Sandwich and most recently, Nougat. The last one at least helped everyone in the tech industry learn how to spell Nougat correctly.

The Android OREO release marks a global collaboration between the OREO brand and Google, which kicks off with the debut of the Android OREO superhero — a new character who personifies the powers of the companies and the features of the new operating system.

Hoping to be the next pop-culture icon, Android OREO channels the playfulness of OREO and intelligence of Android to spread joy throughout the world. And, like all iconic superheroes, the Android OREO superhero originated from a wondrous, and unique, moment in time: the 2017 solar eclipse. To see Android OREO’s story, you can watch the promotional video below.

“It’s not every day that iconic brands like OREO and Android join forces in a way that is truly reflective of both brands’ personalities,” said Justin Parnell, Global Brand Director, OREO. “The OREO brand is on a mission to bring people together through fun, playful moments, so infusing the playfulness of OREO with the openness of Android is the perfect match. And with the Android OREO superhero, we’re continuing on our path to engage our fans across the world in innovative ways.”

To welcome the Android OREO superhero, Google and OREO unveiled Android OREO’s superpowers today during a solar eclipse viewing event in New York City near Chelsea Market, the location of the original Nabisco bakery where the first OREO cookie was made. The celebration revealed the Android OREO kinetic statue—a first of its kind for Android. Building on Google’s tradition of creating giant lawn statues for every Android release, which are housed at its headquarters in Mountain View, California, this new version of the Android OREO statue adds a layer of playful interactivity the OREO brand is known for, together with Android’s rich history with robotics. Custom OREO cookies featuring the Android logo on the wafer embossment were also unveiled – an exclusive run created for the event.

The Android OREO partnership will entail a variety of global initiatives designed to create innovative, playful experiences for both OREO and Android fans. Earlier this year, the OREO brand and Google teamed up for a unique take on the OREO Dunk Challenge campaign, creating a mobile site that allowed users to virtually dunk an OREO cookie, launching it into “space” and back via Google Earth and Google Street View.

The new operating system will focus on improved battery life for devices that run the OS, throttling apps that drain your battery when you aren’t using them. You can also look forward to improved copy-and-paste tools. There will be numerous other features ‘baked’ into the software update, and more information will be released over the next few months. Google Pixel and Nexus users will most likely be the first to get the upgrade, which is expected to rollout by the end of 2017.